Ultimate Lash Lift

The Ultimate Lash Lift is very unique as we are adding a styling part to our course !! Yes that’s right lash lift styling not only can we lift the lashes but give them a shape that’s suits your client eyes and face.

Lash lift is a great start if you want to get into the Lash or beauty industry as this course eases you in gently with all the knowledge and background of the eye area.

The Ultimate Lash Lift Course is a must-have service for any treatment menu and is an invaluable skill to have within any salon. So is a great add on service to any beautician and Lash tech and will increase your profits tremendously. This treatment is ideal for any client who desires a long-lasting, natural looking enhancement without the need for eyelash extensions or mascara. As some clients can not wear extensions so this is a great up sell.

With the help and guidance of our dedicated Ultimate Educators, your career is on the next step and in a lucrative direction.
This treatment will enhance your clients’ natural lashes using Ultimate Lash Lift techniques and products. You can be rest assured that your clients’ lashes are not at risk of damage and that every technique you learn and the Ultimate products used are of quality and will only enhance the natural lash and with our unique teaching methods our ultimate lash lift look like classic Lashes making the natural lashes look thicker and darker and longer.

What will the course cover

  • On line A&P
  • Lash lift styling
  • Product knowledge
  • Face and eye shapes
  • Insurance
  • Client care/consultation
  • Contra-indications and precautions
  • Application of lash lift products/choosing correct rods  and the right placement / bonding lashes to shields
  • Aftercare
  • Maintenance
  • Further treatment advice
  • Promotion of this exciting treatment
  • Practical demonstration


One day 9.30am – 2 PM
Model is required at 11.30pm
Refreshments will be available


Course cost is £175

We have two kits to choose from. Kits must be brought from the www.theultimatebeautyshop.online as you will need your kit for the days training and for your case studies after

Kit 1 which is perfect for people already in the industry £50

What is in the kit

5 perming 5 fixing sachets

Lash lift glue

Hydro essence

Lash lift tool

One set of L rods

This kit will do up to 10 people

Kit number 2 which is perfect for beginners £80

What is in the kit

10 perming 10 fixing

Lash lift glue

Hydro essence

Lash lift tool

All 3 sets of rods C L I curl rods

Ultimate lash essentials (pads, mascara wands, micro  brushes)

Shampoo and empty bottle


We will advise where to by the tint from

This kit will do up to 20 people


A non-refundable deposit of £75 is required to secure your place on the course, with the balance due 14 days prior to the day of the course. Once the balance is paid you will be emailed your manual so that you can prepare yourself for the big day.


You will be qualifies by lash in and beauty industry approval and will be able to get insurance though there well known insurance companies.  But please check with your insurer to see if you can add the course to yours. You will also get on going support from all our training from a face book student group to help you on your journey


Courses are non-refundable but if you give 7 days notice you may be able to attend an alternative date but this will be up to our discretion as to whether you can attend another date. If we need to change the date of your course we will give you 7 days notice but if it is due to sickness or unforeseen circumstances we will put you on the next available course.

The Ultimate Lash liFt Course is split into three parts:

Part One Is online where you will learn all your theory and A&P and there will be a multiple choice test to go with it so we can see you have the understanding and grasped the knowledge

Part Two is your half day session (9.30am – 2pm)
During the day you will learn all of the above and you will feel confident on doing so
This will be done all on your live models

Part Three is home learning. You will be asked to practice the techniques you have learned and to create a portfolio of 4 model case studies using 4 different rods.
If the case studies do not meet our high standards, we will ask you to do them again and re submit them. Photographs edited with Photoshop will be rejected.

You will have access to Ultimate closed Facebook group, where you can
access your tutor and ask questions to receive free mentoring if you need help with any of the above.

At Ultimate, we have very high standards and take seriously your intention to become an experienced lash lift  eyelash technician. It is imperative that patience, preparation and practice is a commitment from you.