Leanne Harber ~ International Lash Master & Editor of Lash Inc Ireland ~ launches the first OSCAR© Approved Centre within the Lash Industry. Her new webpages are coming soon along with an extensive range of training and competency based assessments, here is what she has to say:-

The Ultimate OSCAR© – A year in the Making! And what a Journey it has been!! So what does this mean for our Industry?

It’s great news, that’s what it means!!!  Currently, we are struggling with standards and regulations within our sector of eyelashes and the industry as a whole. We are seeing lots of bad work, clients lashes being damaged, students being poorly taught, in-turn damaging our reputation as a whole as a Lash Artist or a Training Provider”

So what can an OSCAR© Accreditation do for us? I believe it will raise the bar in high standard setting for you all to follow and obtain recognition of your work and abilities to carry them out.

So, let me put it another way, when we are looking for a builder, or any tradesman, we make sure they are licensed or go and look on ‘check a trade’ or if Corgi registered so we know they are competent at their job? Or if we are looking for a great restaurant we look how many stars they have got to see how good they are? Well, this is the same if you have an OSCAR© in your field, then Clients and Students alike will know you’re the best and would rather go to you than to someone who is not Nationally recognised as competent and look you up on the National Register?”

Having been awarded the non-construction sector privilege in spearheading the roll out of cross sector curriculums, Claire Moffatt-Lonsdale of Profile in conjunction with Neil Whitfield, both like-minded and passionate about skills development & deployment, joined forces to extend his Construction Sector OSCAR© solution to the ‘rest of the world’. Well, it has arrived with Ultimate, honoured to represent the whole of our Industry.


This unique method of accreditation & recognising outstanding skill sets, Ultimate is now working together as Venture Guardians of the Standard – Health & Wellbeing.

We are able to extend this methodology within the UK & Internationally.  Believing there to be a ‘gap’ or shortfall between Academic qualifications, NVQ’s, VT’s, QCF’s being able to, in effect, join the dots in enabling candidates to shout out to the rest of the world “Hey!! I’m brilliant at this”!!

Ultimate Lash

In the past it may have been difficult for really talented individuals to achieve recognition and for all sorts of reasons:

  • The lack of affordability to attain – One or the other or none at all
  • The Lack of opportunity – Nothing that matched the job/skill in hand De-motivational & cumbersome paths to attainment
  • Traditional qualifications not keeping up with new products & services
  • New Innovations or fast moving Technology

The lack of these ‘awards’ by no stretch of reality means that our people cannot do the job in hand to a high standard, yet, leaving those with highly competent skill sets without a standard benchmark of a ‘certificate’ – out of the ‘limelight’.

So how did we do it? We worked together on the basis of pulling the zillions of curriculums together in devising 4 generic focus Guardians to accommodate:- Construction > Technology > Health & Wellbeing > Professional Management. We needed already established, forward thinking movers, groovers & culture shakers who are UK & Internationally recognised providers to pick up the gauntlets & spearhead being the first of these ‘guardian’ AC’s – Approved Centres.

We needed a slick, fully inclusive communication process, digitised ‘paperwork’ – simplified to the extent that ‘no training is required’ for Candidates, Companies, Assessors & Providers, with zero Tech barriers, including hardware.

We needed a mechanism to tell the world, unfettered, tamper free, without dispute, who, what in, where, when, which individuals gained their OSCAR© – thus without question, speeding up the recruitment, development, sales & growth paths for key decision makers and end consumers.

We did it!!! Be the first and join us in our baby steps in bringing back & drumming up motivational drivers and going to work to live AND ENJOY IT and not to live to work – barhumbug stuff!!


So, to gain an OSCAR© you need to demonstrate and pass a set of criteria within a working environment, your knowledge and ability will be assessed within your chosen treatment.

Ultimate standards are high, so you will have to work hard to obtain the OSCAR© thus raising our standards and pushing these cowboys, tech and trainers out, or it could encourage them step up or get left behind?!

Every consideration is being made for Equality of Opportunity – so it doesn’t matter whether you work in your bedroom or have a plush salon, it’s as long as you meet the criteria and pass the assessment.  If you can do it, prove it, OSCAR© it!

To be eligible for an OSCAR© you will need proof of residence, your certification in your field i.e. lash lift, classic, volume, trainer and your proof of insurance. If you have all of these then all you have to do is to undertake your live assessment and show us what you are made of!!

Currently, Ultimate is only offering an OSCAR© in the lash industry, coming soon will be other sectors, such as brows, nails, hair and all beauty treatments.

I am very excited about this and I have worked extremely hard to get it right and to help you all, so if you want to join Ultimate in raising the bar in our amazing industry and you want the lash version of an Michelin star please email me with all your questions or complete our quick enquiry form here & I will get back to you.

We are also looking to set up satellite AC’s – Approved Centres around the globe – so if you want the OSCAR© in your Country simply ask and view our App here.

Remember “it’s not what you know, it’s what you do with what you know that counts” – If you can do it, prove it and OSCAR© it!

Don’t be shy, we know you want to shine – get in touch here.